3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Child Mental Abilities

Welcome To Vtoy

Here You Can Reach You & Your Child Dreams!


Vtoy Know What You Dont Know About Your Child Psychology!

&Today If God Wants You Will Know 3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Child Mental Abilities!

Lets Start:


-Naps&Breaks Boost Consetration

-Concetration Important For (Study At School & Learn Faster)

EX:IfYour Child Is Young Concetration Is Important For
-Talk Faster

And When Your Child Take A Nap He Will Boost:

-Intuitive Speed

-Information Converts

-Develop His Thoughts & Becomes Capable Of Thinking When He Takes A Break.

Best Time For Nap:
-After 1pm

Best Nap Time

2.Feed Them Green And Healthy Foods

1-There Are Different Foods That Help Increase A Childs Concentration!

Eating Junk Food Is Bad As We All Know So Keep Them Away

There Are Spesific Healthy Foods To Eat Boost Dopamine In Brain Which Boost Consetration & The Tops:
-Eggs -Red Meats -Almonds

2-Green Food: An Interesting Study In Study In The University Of Ulster, UK Shows That Eating Toast & Baked Beans For Breakfast Increase Congnition,
Experts Say That Eating Greens And Fruits Inject The Body With Antioxidants Which In Turnboost Your Child Brain Power!

3.Play Focus Games & Exercises To Build Attention

Since Children Learn More By Playing, Its Always A Good Idea To Try & Make Their Activities A Little More Fun.

EX: Professional MadeEducational Toys Allow Children To Improve Attention And Concentration!

BUT Not Every Educational Toy Have The Correct Abilities To Fulfill Child Edicational Needs

So Vtoy Present The Professional Made Educational Toys & With Vtoy Dont Worry Yoy Are At The Child Psychology World!

Hope You Enjoy And Learn How To Improve Your Child Mental Abilities!

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